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Technology. Advisory. Research


What We Do

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Startup launch & validation

Validate your business idea.
Dimension your product/ market fit.
Define your business model.

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Business model optimisation

Redesign your map of processes.
Improve your cost structure.
Analyze your monetization.


Technology & industry research

Understand technology trends.
Predict industry evolution.
Identify key impact areas.

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Growth hacking

Boost growth. Improve your product & channel strategy.
Expand your customer base.
Reduce friction.



Update your knowledge base.
Improve your team performance.
Align corporate goals and strategies.


Consulting services for the Technology Business

Elsebits top professionals can cover your needs comprehensively. From the conceptualization of your idea, to the optimization of your business model or the competitive analyisis of industries and technologies: we deliver.


Technology and shortened disruption cycles can make competition challenging in most industries. We know it. We’re used to work in these type of environments. Let us help you in your analysis, decision-making and implementation processes.

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Elsebits is comprised of a group of senior professionals with extended experience in the different fields of the business Technology arena. From analysis to implementation, for startups and large corporations: we deliver.

Marc Sansó

Founder & CEO

Business Model optimization &

More about Marc

Phd. MBA
Industrial Engineer. Founder

Marc is a business consultant and entrepreneur with extended experience in competitive strategy, entrepreneurship, and digital transformation. His professional background encompasses senior positions in both the public and private sectors. Marc is a seasoned startup advisor in the verticals of consumer tech, healthcare, and B2B industries, with a proven track record in the areas of strategy and operations.  He is also a regular speaker at international specialized forums and associate professor at various international business schools. As a trainer specializing in technological strategy and competition in digital environments, he has worked with companies such as Almirall, Grupo Good, Accenture and Banc Sabadell, among others. Marc is an investor, advisor and board member in various startups. As a researcher, he has published numerous papers and specialized studies in digital competition and technological innovation. He is the author of the book “The Value Trail: How to Effectively Understand, Deploy And Monitor Successful Business Models”.

Expertise Areas: Startup advisory. Business model optimization. Competitive analysis

Pol Hortal


Marketing & Growth Hacking

More about Pol

Computing Engineer
Marketing & Growth Hacking Advisor

Pol Hortal is a serial entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience founding, climbing, investing in and selling startups. Pol was one of the founders of the well-known and uWhisp (sold to MediaPro). He was also the founder of one of the first digital marketing agencies in Spain, which was sold in 2012 to the WPP group, giving Pol a position in the Y&R Board for two years before re-pursuing his entrepreneurial spirit. These experiences allowed him to work with a range of clients of the caliber of Danone, Sanofi, Caixa or IAG among many others. Pol is currently serving as managing director at The Collider, a technology transfer initiative that helps to find market applications for scientific doctoral developments.

Expertise Areas: Intrapreneurship, Growth Hacking, Digital Marketing

David Lopez


Corporate Digital Transformation

More about David

PhD. MBA. Telecommunication Engineer
Corporate Digital Transformation Advisor

David López is founder and Managing Partner at FHIOS Smart Knowledge, a technology firm specialized in infrastructure outsourcing, engineering & integration of cloud services and systems. David serves as startup advisor for a variety of industries: ecommerce, mobile marketing, social networking and media, among others. He’s startup mentor and coach at ESADE’s Accelerator and has also been a board member of the Club Marketing Barcelona. David co-founded The Etailers (eCommerce), and is a well-known professor and trainer in the fields of digital transformation, project management and technology implementation.

Expertise Areas: Technology Implementation, Project Management, Digital Transformation

Marc Barà


Agile Project Management

More about Marc

PhD, PMP. Electrical Engineer

Marc Barà is a top-class expert in project management, with a distinctive ability to steer diverse projects from concept to completion. He has spent a significant part of his career working within the Space industry, where he successfully managed the development of several hardware units for satellite platforms, effectively coordinating and overseing all aspects of planning, execution and tracking of Industrial, IT and Transformation projects. Marc is a Project Management Office (PMO) Consultant and Trainer, with broad experience in all aspects of planning, execution and tracking of industrial and IT projects. Marc assists organizations in deploying, operating and optimizing Project Management to meet evolving challenges, functions, and services.

Expertise Areas: Agile Project Management Advisor


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