Legal Notice

Legal Notice

Identifier of the Title holder of this site and its web pages

In order to comply with the established in the applicable regulations in relation to information society and electronic commerce services, the general information and identification data of this website are indicated below:

BEYONDBITS, S.L., a company of Spanish nationality, with VAT number B-67493395 and address C/ Camí Antic de Rubí 31, Sant Quirze del Vallès, e-mail and registration data at: Mercantile Registry of Barcelona, volume 47027, number 191, page B-538600, with date of registration 22/08/2019.

Conditions of access and use of the website of BEYONDBITS, S.L.

  1. Access and use of BEYONDBITS, S.L. website shall be subject to these general conditions

The use of the web pages owned by BEYONDBITS, S.L. implies the full acceptance by the user of the current General Conditions of Use when the user accesses to the site (the situations listed below). BEYONDBITS, S.L. reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time.

BEYONDBITS informs that it reserves the right, without prior notice or communication, to deny, suspend, interrupt or cancel the access or use, totally or partially, of this website and its contents to those users or visitors who do not comply with the Terms and Conditions of Use set out in this Legal Notice.

  1. Intellectual and Industrial Property

All the contents of the web pages of BEYONDBITS, S.L., understood as such, without being limitative in the enumeration: texts, images, graphics, logos, documents, audiovisual and sound contents, as well as the graphic design and codes necessary for the execution and operation of these web pages, etc., are subject to the regulations of Intellectual and/or Industrial Property.

Without the previous, explicit and written consent of BEYONDBITS, or without any reference to BEYONDBITS’ ownership of the intellectual and industrial property rights, the reproduction, transformation, distribution, public communication, and in general any other form of exploitation, regardless of the means or purpose, of all or part of the contents of this website, as well as its design and the selection and presentation of the materials included in it, is prohibited.

The rights on the contents correspond to BEYONDBITS, S.L. or third parties as the case may be. If the user has viewed or obtained a private copy of the contents, as long as such copy is exclusively for their personal and private use, its use for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden.

The trademarks, trade names or logos on the web pages of this site are property of BEYONDBITS or third parties, and the access to the website does not imply the concession of any rights over the mentioned trademarks, trade names and/ or logos.

  1. Responsibility of users by use and content

Under no circumstances may the user modify or delete the identifying data that exists in the rights of BEYONDBITS, S.L. or from third parties.

The user may only access the contents through the means or procedures made for this purpose on the BEYONDBITS, S.L. website, or those methods which are usually used on Internet for this purpose, always when they do not imply any violation of Intellectual/Industrial Property rights or any kind of damage to the website of BEYONDBITS, S.L. and/or its information or services offered.

The user undertakes to use the services and information on the website of BEYONDBITS, S.L. in accordance with the Law, these general conditions of morality, good customs, public order and to make a measured, correct and lawful use of the services contained and not to perform, collaborate or promote in particular any of the following activities:

  1. a) Disseminate content or propaganda of a racist, xenophobic, pornographic character, apology of terrorism, or any other content that is contrary to human rights, good customs or morality.
  2. b) Carry out acts contrary to the Intellectual and/or Industrial Property rights of their legitimate owners.
  3. c) Cause damage to the computer systems of BEYONDBITS, S.L., its suppliers or third parties and/or introduce or spread computer viruses, harmful software or other types of systems that may cause damage to computer systems.
  4. d) Transmit unsolicited or unauthorized advertising or electronic messages.
  5. Disclaimers and Limitations of Liability

BEYONDBITS, S.L. will not be responsible for the information, services and/or products offered and/or provided by third parties through the website of BEYONDBITS, S.L. nor of the contents provided by third parties.

BEYONDBITS, S.L. is not responsible for any damage or loss to the user’s software or hardware resulting from access to the website of BEYONDBITS, S.L. or the use of information or applications contained therein.

BEYONDBITS, S.L. does not guarantee the suitability, reliability, availability, timeliness or accuracy of the information or services contained on its website, nor shall it be liable for any direct or indirect damages in connection with the use of the contents of its website.

BEYONDBITS, S.L. does not guarantee that the contents of its website are suitable or available outside Spain. The event that all or part of the contents of the website of BEYONDBITS, S.L. are not available is due to the fact they’re considered as illegal in the country in question, then the access to them and their use by users in that country is prohibited and, in the event that this occurs, will be exclusively under the responsibility of the users, who are obliged to comply with the laws and regulations that in such case were applicable.

The use that may be made of the information and contents that appear on the website of BEYONDBITS, S.L. and/or access to other third party websites through links that appear on the BEYONDBITS, S.L. website will be carried out under the exclusive responsibility of those commit this type of act, not being BEYONDBITS, S.L. responsible in any case for any damages that may result from such uses or activities.

The hyperlinks or links contained in this website may lead the user to other websites and web pages managed by third parties, over which BEYONDBITS has no control, consequently, BEYONDBITS is not responsible for the contents or the status of these websites and web pages, and access to them through this website does not imply that BEYONDBITS or its staff share an opinion or affiliation, recommend or approve their contents.

  1. Communication of illegal and inappropriate activities

In the event that any user of the website is aware that the hyperlinks refer to pages whose contents or services are illicit, harmful, degrading, violent or contrary to morality and would like to report it by informing BEYONDBITS, they may contact us indicating the following points:

Personal data of the correspondent: name, address, telephone number and e-mail address (without an effective and real identification of the correspondent, the communication will not be considered valid).

Description of the facts that reveal the illicit or inappropriate nature of the hyperlink;

In the event of violation of rights, such as intellectual and industrial property, the personal data of the owner of the right infringed when it is a person other than the communicator. Also, in this case of violation of the rights, they must provide the title that proves the legitimacy of the holder of the rights and, where appropriate, representation to act on behalf of the holder when they are a person other than the communicator or is the representation of a legal person.

Electronic mail shall not be considered a valid means of communication for the purpose of making such claims or making such representations. To do so, users should contact the Legal Department of BEYONDBITS, S.L., located at C/ Camí Antic de Rubí 31, Sant Quirze del Vallès, e-mail which will indicate the steps and channels to be followed in each case.

The receipt by BEYONDBITS of the communication of activities of an illicit or inappropriate nature will not imply, according to the provisions of the regulations on information society and electronic commerce services, effective knowledge of the activities and/or contents indicated by the user, nor does it presuppose any action by BEYONDBITS as a consequence of said communication, since it will be considered and evaluated by BEYONDBITS and will act in the line with its ethical and moral.

  1. General

BEYONDBITS S.L. reserves the right, without prior notice and at any time, to temporarily suspend access to its website and to modify it deems appropriate at the website, the services or information offered, the presentation or location thereof and the conditions of access and use of the website of BEYONDBITS, S.L.

All the information received on this website will be considered as transferred free of charge to BEYONDBITS, S.L.

All questions relating to these conditions of use and the web pages of BEYONDBITS, S.L. are governed by Spanish law and are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona, waiving any jurisdiction that may correspond.